Professional Precision Modeling and CNC Machining

● We dedicated to finished product
   development and precision
   model manufacturing.
● Materials includes: ABS, acrylic, PP,
   PC, PC+ABS,PU,POM, Nylon,
   aluminum alloy, etc.
● CNC machining: CAD/CAM
   programing, machining, and basic

About Hekun

About Hekun

Hekun Co., a new emerging company formerly spin-off from An Ke Precision Industry Co., Ltd. in 2008, and her predecessor, Xuan Feng Co., Ltd., possesses professional technology and more than 20 years of substantial experience in the field. We keep innovating consistently and developing varieties of process, we gain credits from worldwide customers in quality and accuracy. To provide superior products and services, we increase the capital and expand our scale, and renamed the company to Hekun Co., Ltd.

Our company is located in Guishan, Taoyuan City with large factory area and convenient transportation. We are in a leading position to introduce various advance and precise equipments such as TOYO V4 die-casting machine, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe/milling multitask machine, 2D CMM, and 3D photogrammetry system, etc. and adopt Fanuc and Mitsubishi controller in our machinery, providing more accuracy, diversity, and flexibility for product development and efficiency.

Hekun's principles of company are "Profession, Trustworthiness, Efficiency, Passion, and Honesty". In order to provide the best service and meet customer’s satisfaction, we keep innovating technology, improving process accuracy, upgrading efficiency, and lowering production cost.

To cope with r ever accelerating progress of technology, Hekun is devoted to innovation, research and development to fulfill customer's request. Meanwhile keep moving forward to become the customer’s best partner and realize the company goal of sustainable business with the humble attitude, stable and steady progress, and constantly strive for perfection.


Business items

• Finished Product Design and
• Mockup/Model Development and
• Precision Parts Machining
• CNC Machining of Various Parts

Business Philosophy

• Technology Innovation
• Professional Techniques
• Attentive Processing
• Monitored Quality
• Considerable Service

Competitive Advantages

• ISO certification acquired
• Complete SOP and product control
• Periodical employee training

pictureCompany Vision

To have substantial development, improve constantly, increase the product design values, combine the technology and craftsmanship, and strive for excellence of quality, also focus on model detail with enthusiasm, provide precision model and implement the design idea and shape to faithfully fulfill the requirement of customer.